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Premium Shopify theme that includes unique customizable icons, lively slideshow sections, diverse hover effects, and other features.

about barcelona

Barcelona is a premium Shopify theme that offers an array of customizable sections and features to showcase products with elegance, creating a seamless and engaging shopping experience that resonates with your brand's personality.

  • Ideal Catalog-Size Small / Medium
  • Ideal Merchant New Merchants

Broad Collection of Finest Sections


Empowered by Advanced Features


& Quick Setup

Starter Sites

Five Expressive Presets
For Your Store

A variety of ready-to-use templates, each crafted to suit different styles.
Health & Beauty

Perfectly conveys a sense of purity and freshness combined with an organic feel.


Light-toned and soft colors create a warm, gentle invitation to discover your products.

Jewelry & Accessories

Design that pairs crisp and urban aesthetic with a calm, monochromatic color scheme.

Home & Décor

As warm as natural sunlight, this theme feels like a calm, comforting and cozy online space.


Contemporary design, with a neutral color palette and light, spacious layout.

Pay Once.
Use Forever.

With a single purchase of Barcelona, you gain access to all five premium presents of the theme, without any monthly subscriptions. Free support and lifetime updates at no extra cost, too.

Timeless Design Solutions
for Authentic Stores

Discover our universal design features and eye-catching visuals to attract customers and grow your brand.
collection sections

Unique Sections for Your
Featured Collections

Browse our variations of collection sections that have been carefully crafted with your needs in mind. From essential basics to on-trend additions, choose and match effortlessly.
Collection Grid
Elegantly organize your products into an accessible and visually appealing grid layout. The standard grid allows to browse collections effortlessly, making your customers explore further.
Product Type Overlay
Collection descriptions and smoothly appearing text overlay for product type and product filter.
Classic Product Cards
Product cards with catchy images and textual description at the bottom.
Product Card with Overlay Descriptions
Effortlessly showcase your images with descriptions disappearing on hover.

Collection Carousel

We introduce two types of collection carousels: horizontal scrolling with featured background image, or featured image on the left side, with product carousel just next to it.

Collection List

Present your product collections in a neatly arranged list using this feature, where each collection is highlighted with image, name, and description.
icon pack

Distinguish Your Brand with Our Exclusive Icon Pack

Adding an extra layer of personality and style, the carefully crafted icon collection enhances your website's visual appeal and uniquely contributes to your online presence.
image-icons image-icons image-icons image-icons image-icons image-icons
Spice Up Featured Collections
Take your collection promotion to the next level by customizing each featured entry with a distinctive icon.
Integrate Icons in Product Page
Descriptive icons provide an instant visual cue about benefits of your product at a glance, communicating key qualities to customers.
Brighten Your About Section
Bring your brand milestones, values or services to life by strategically placing vibrant icons throughout the copy.
Personalize Multicolumn Layouts
Boost readability and direct focus, take advantage of empty space in multicolumn layouts by integrating attention-grabbing icons.
Incorporate Icons in Popups
Enhance the visual appeal and user engagement through strategic use of icons, adding a creative and informative touch to your announcements.
Style Your Contacts Section
Transform your contact section into a visually engaging space with style and clarity, making it more appealing for customers to get in touch.
Upload Your Own Icon Pack
Go further and easily upload the icon set of your choice, making your website look just the way you want and simply adding a personal touch.

Your Store’s New Design Signature

Drive more clicks by guiding customers’ attention precisely where you want it and level up user experience by targeted and intuitive icon pack, our or yours.

product galleries

Multiple Gallery Layouts
to Spotlight Your Products

Showcase products beautifully with a variety of responsive gallery layouts for improved browsing on any device.
Grid Gallery
Experience the elegance and clarity at first glance with standard grid layout designed to show your products in a clean, organized manner.
Slider with Previews
Showcases your products in a slick sliding format alongside thumbnail previews that customers can easily scan and click through.
Slider with Bullets
This intuitive slider is designed for easy navigation and experience, allowing customers to smoothly transition between images.

Tailor Your Unique Product View

Improvise with gallery variations to unfold your products from different angles. From classic grids to modern sliders, we make sure every detail is clearly revealed.

catalog features

Feature-Rich Catalogs

A number of innovative tools and functionalities designed to transform your online catalog.

Catalog Types

Showcase items in a grid catalog layout, providing a broad look at all available items, and build a separate section to place chosen products and collections.

Vertical Filters

This layout presents filters in a sidebar format that can be used on desktop layouts where there is more horizontal space.

Horizontal Filters

Horizontal layout is space-efficient, can be used for mobile-responsive designs or when the products are presented in a full-width view.

Traditional Dropdown Filters

The dropdown style of filtering is compact and can be a good choice for both mobile and desktop layouts when screen view is limited.
Extra Sections

Tell Your Visual Narrative
with Additional Sections

Barcelona is where visual storytelling meets brand identity, allowing you to create a captivating narrative.
Behind the Brand
The About Us section is thoughtfully designed to engage visitors with your brand's journey, philosophy, and the people behind it.
Sharing Trendsetting Vision
Lookbook carefully designed to present your items in a compelling narrative format, where your products are showcased in a visually rich gallery.
bg-image bg-image
unique sections

More Features, More Engagement

More tools for more possibilities, all to maximize your brand’s potential.

Color Swatches

Allow customers to easily preview your products in various hues before buying with interactive color swatches. Help visualize what truly appeals most.

Collapsible Content Section

Improve your site's content layout with this feature, offering a neat and intuitive experience for sharing FAQs, product information, tutorials, and more in an organized manner.

Before / After Slider

Showcase the real-life impact of your products in action with our interactive side-by-side comparison feature.

Sticky Header

Improve user experience by ensuring key menu options are constantly visible and easily accessible anywhere and anytime.

Product Markers

Interactive points that reveal key product features and information, enriching the customer's browsing experience.

Infinite Scroll

Maintain customer engagement with seamless, uninterrupted browsing, encouraging extended browsing sessions.


Back-to-Top Button

Enable customers to easily return to the top of your page from any position with a simple click, regardless of how far they've reached.


Language Selector

Seamlessly reach to a diverse range of shoppers by suggesting multilingual options that remove barriers.


Advanced Video Customization

Spice up user experience, showcase authenticity of products or narrate about your brand with video feature.


Real-Time Stock Counter

Provide customers with the transparency they desire through real-time stock updates, encouraging fast buying decisions.


Age Verifier

Ensure customer safety and secure legal requirements with an integrated age verification feature.

unique sections

Deliver Your Message with
Eye-Catching Popups

Tell about promotions and offers, encourage to join your community with outstanding popups to connect with your customers.

Interactive Popups to Reach and Convert

Integrate popup windows to perfectly suit your brand's voice through customizable designs. Make specific announcements for maximum relevance.

Strategic Popup Triggers That Drive Sales

Maximize each customer interaction. Maintain customer interest with well-timed popups that present the best deals, highlight new items, or gently request their email address.

Scroll Triggered

Reach customers at optimum interaction points using scroll-activated popups, appearing as shoppers naturally browse your pages.

Time Delay Triggered

Engage your visitors at the right moment with popups activated by a set time delay, ensuring maximum attention and maximizing conversions.

Exit Intent Triggered

Show personalized messages when customers leave your store, ensuring one last opportunity for impactful interaction.

Popups Designed to Echo Your Branding

These customizable popups are not just tools for engagement; they are extensions of your brand's identity, mirroring your style, tone, and values. Choose trigger options, scroll type, timing, exit intent, and other settings to fit your needs.

Intuitive Search Tab

Instantly transforming browsing into purchasing. Effortlessly lead customers to the products they seek – just a keyword or a letter typed, and the search model navigates for the customer.

Lively Slideshow Section

Create immersive slideshows with multiple images, promotions, or announcements in a seamless, animated sequence. Engage your visitors with a visually appealing narrative right on your homepage.

Captivating Countdown Timers

Made to drive immediate action, this feature lets you easily generate a sense of urgency and enhance conversions with two eye-catching timer choices.

Catchy Gradient Timer

Strategically select the duration of your countdown timer to pique anticipation. Support it with textual content tailored to tell an enticing promotional story.

Image-Enhanced Timer

Take your countdowns to the next level by incorporating stunning image backgrounds. Transport visitors to the heart of the promotion through catchy backdrops.

Video Banner

Display contrasting images with a draggable slider, and add personalized text to offer customers an interactive, comprehensive view of product transformations that inspires confident purchases.

Configurable Mega Menu

Effortlessly guide your visitors with our Mega Menu. Designed for clarity and speed, it caters to extensive product categories and services. Customize to match your brand, ensuring a swift, intuitive navigation experience for users.
unique sections

Additional Tools to Boost
Your Sales

Extra features, more functionality, designed to bring your brand to greater heights.

Product Pages Optimized for Sales

Create intuitive product pages that are aimed to drive sales. Use product descriptions, show availability of items and more, for the best customer experience.

Smooth Product Slideshow

Take center stage with our product slider, designed to quickly show your best-sellers.

High-Resolution Image Zoom

Give your visitors a closer look at your products’ tiniest details with our user-friendly image zoom feature.

Collection Description

A large textual section for you to share the story behind your collections or describe your products in detail.


Quick View Popup

Have a quick look into product information without leaving the current page. Not only saves time but also provides a smoother browsing journey, making it easier for customers to explore and decide on their purchases.

Interactive Slide-out Cart

A quick and accessible way to manage purchases. This feature smoothly appears from the side of the page, allowing customers to easily view and adjust their cart selections without interrupting their shopping journey.

Variant Pickers

Offer visitors a quick look into product specifics when they hover over items, streamlining the discovery process.

Product Grid Hover Effects

Interactive images appear as customers hover over items, enhancing engagement and drawing focus during browsing.

Upselling Related Product

Use additional frame to showcase other items customers might like. Choose products related to what they're looking at.

Add That Barcelona Flair

Find how Barcelona uplifts your store's look and feel while maintaining quick performance. Sleek and swift, it brings your sales to new heights.


Blog Pages to Show Your Brand Character

Gain customer trust by revealing your brand story. Make big announcements for higher engagement. Share tutorials and guides to fully present your products.

Single Post Layouts

Place your feature image with title overlay at the bottom or traditionally place the title separately at the top. Choose the layout to match your content and engage with your audience, whether it's storytelling or sharing insights.

Post Card Variations

Feature a large image with a smaller text overlay at the bottom, or pick the traditional post card with textual description under the image. Offer snapshot of the content that is visually appealing and informative for your customer.

Quick Reach Sidebar

Customize your blog's layout to suit your content and design preferences, using a more resource-rich page with sidebars that suggest trending or featured posts. All made for tailored experience.

Social Media Sharing

Maximize your reach and create a strong community with this feature. With easy-to-use sharing buttons, your audience can quickly follow your brand journey and spread the word about your latest deals, products, and more.

Support at Your Fingertips, Anytime

Send your questions through a quick message or browse documentation. We're here 24/7, dedicated to your success.


Bring Light to Your Online Store

Embrace the theme that resonates with your store. Upgrade, customize, and adapt to distinguish your brand.