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A Shopify theme with clean minimalistic design, wide selection of sections and upselling tools, and a perfect choice for spotlighting each detail of your products.

about copenhagen

With its calm Nordic aesthetic and focus on effortless browsing, Copenhagen guarantees a relaxing yet engaging shopping journey from start to cart.

  • Ideal Catalog-Size Small / Medium
  • Ideal Merchant New Merchants

Simple, Sleek yet Outstanding Design


Huge Collection of Customizable Sections


& Quick Setup


5 Presets for an Easy Start

The diversity of design choices allows you to strategically target different customer segments and uniquely express your brand essence.

Pastel color tones and classy typography combined to maintain timeless, elegant style.


Earthy, natural colors and spacious layout create a sense of lightness, calmness and harmony.

Health & Beauty

The smooth, subtle yet captivating feel created by muted color choices and expressive typography.

Jewelry & Accessories

Calm color palette, classic typography – design where pieces are not only presented but celebrated.


Like an artistic canvas, the design allows each piece to shine on on white and beige backgrounds.

Everything You Need with Single Payment

Purchase the theme just once and get five demos, lifetime access to technical support and future theme updates free of additional fees.

Theme Defined by Elegance
and Simplicity

Featured minimalistic typography and muted colors
that create a feeling of sophistication.

Mastering the Art of Detail
with Copenhagen

Theme offers minimalist approach, where each little yet significant detail is crafted not just for visual appeal, but also to spotlight your products.

Subtle Design Elements

Unique arrow designs, carefully crafted outlines, perfect spacing, and modern fonts, all carefully designed for user-friendly interface.


Animated titles in the main section, image appearances in banners, scroll-triggered animations in hero section, and more.

Modern Typography

The theme includes font choices for a modern-looking interface with enhanced readability and aesthetic appeal.

Attractive Color Schemes

Theme’s gentle and muted color schemes give it a trendy look, demo backgrounds also incorporate paster colors to add contemporary touch.
hero sections

Varied Hero Sections to Instantly
Grab Attention

Three types of hero layouts to choose from, for you to make a strong,
memorable visual statement right away.
Simple Slider
Use smoothly changing images with promotional texts to showcase your top products in captivating manner.
Hero with Brand Name
Place a brand name over the image of your choice, showing your brand identity in the hero section.
Paired Banners
Pick a hero section with two vertical images paired side by side, creating a balanced composition.

Express Your Brand

Use the available features to make your eCommerce website outstanding and tell more about your brand.

product grid

Effortless Browsing with
Diverse Product Grids

Neatly align your product images and information with several product grid options, allowing customers to quickly scan through a variety of products.
Carousel format where products can be viewed in a sliding manner. Users can browse through the items by clicking arrows or swiping.
Grid with Tabs
Products are organized into tabbed categories, allowing users to easily navigate through different product sections without leaving the page.
Standart Grid
Products are organized in a fixed row format. It provides a straightforward and comprehensive view of all available items at once.
advantages section

Share Your Brand's Advantages

This feature allows you to highlight advantages of your brand, positioning it favorably in the marketplace. Tell about unique selling propositions, quality standards, worldwide shipping, customer reviews and more.
Captivating Slider
Slider format that focuses on one key advantage at a time, presenting it alongside a large image that visually complements your message.
Standart Grid with Advantages
Advantages are numbered and presented side-by-side, each with its own dedicated space for text and a call-to-action button.
product markers

Highlight Particular Items with
Product Hotspots

Use two types of this feature to mark items as new, on sale, bestseller, or limited edition to quickly communicate valuable information to customers.
Interactive Icons
Showcase items in a horizontal grid with icons over images and product names appearing on hover.
Full Container
Simple yet visually impactful icons on product images that are noticed without overwhelming the product itself.
Featured Items

Guide Customers Toward Preferred Products with Featured Items

Showcase selected products for promotion, including new arrivals, bestsellers, seasonal picks, items that are on sale or anything else of your choice.
Standard Slider
Show product name, price, tag and imagery in an interactive carousel with several featured products.
Product Combinations
Showcase the product combination of your choice with product images complemented by a promotional section with selected items.
additional features

Additional Features for
User Engagement

Spark urgency with countdown timers, help customers to visualize your product and boosts customer confidence in their purchases with before/after comparison feature, and more.
Countdown Timers
Choose between horizontal or vertical standard timer, or timer with image background.
Before/After Comparison
Choose between the standard draggable slider or slider combined with product promotion by the side.

Just the Right Set of Functionality

Nothing less, nothing more – Copenhagen includes the thoroughly picked number of features and functionalities to encourage more purchases.


Features That Drive Sales

The theme is equipped with conversion-boosting features at every click and turn.
product page

Transform Browsers to Buyers
with Product Page Features

Thoughtfully designed product pages that are made for maximized user
experience to seamlessly guide visitors towards checkout.
One-by-One Gallery
Allows to highlight each product individually, drawing customer's attention to details.
Grid Gallery
Offers a structured way to showcase multiple products simultaneously, allowing easy browsing.
Slider Gallery
Enables an interactive experience, as customers scroll through products in horizontal slider.
Product Description
Provide essential information and details about the products, helping customers make informed purchasing decisions.
Related Products
Encourage additional purchases through suggestions that complement the item a customer is viewing.

Quick View Pop-Up Window

Allow customers to quickly access product details and add items to cart without leaving the current page.


Product Grid Hover Effects

Boost interactivity with customers by revealing additional information when they hover over items.


Interactive Slide-out Cart

Enhance user convenience by allowing shoppers to easily review and manage their selected items in a sidebar.


Color Swatches

Show available color options for products, allowing for easier and more intuitive selection process.


Stock Counter

Create a sense of urgency and encourage purchases by showing the limited availability of items.


Smart Notification Bar

Capture customer attention by showing important information, offers, or updates with notifications.


Catalog Designed with
Usability in Mind

Catalog includes filtering options like availability, brands, color and price range.
Filters are hidden by default to not to distract from products themselves.
additional features

More Features to Suggest

The theme has features that streamline product searching,
making it less time-consuming and more satisfactory.

Predictive Search & Search Tabs

Improved shopping experience guaranteed by instant, accurate suggestions as customers type in the search bar, and organized search tabs for quicker, more efficient product discovery.

Collapsible Content Section

When a user clicks on the section's header or title, the content expands to reveal more information, such as product descriptions, FAQs, or reviews, improving user experience.

Popups That Make
a Statement

Inform your customers about special deals and invite them to
be a part of your brand's community.

Varieties of Strategic Triggers

Use three types of popups to promote sales, offer discounts, announce new
products or services, and collect email addresses or other lead information.

Scroll Position Triggered

Show offers and promotional messages as visitors scroll to a certain point on the page.

Delay Triggered

Strategically time the display of certain messages based on how long a user has been on the page.

Exit Intent Triggered

Detect when a user is about to leave the site and respond by displaying a targeted message.

Copenhagen — Designed to Fill Carts

Thoroughly designed with minimalism and simplicity in mind, this Shopify theme attracts through an elegant aesthetic and attention even to the smallest of details in each feature.


Blog Section for Sharing and

Enhance user interaction with announcements, share narratives behind
your products, post tutorials and guides.

Structured Post Layout

Publish content in a structured manner with featured image at the top, have the possibility to integrate additional visual content and highlight quotes to grab reader’s attention.

Social Media Sharing

Create a big community with user-friendly social media sharing buttons on the post featured image or at the end of the page under the publication text.

Get Assistance Along Your eCommerce Journey

Besides the detailed documentation, the dedicated support team is always here for you, quick to respond and ready to assist.


Deliver Sophistication
Through Simplicity

It's not just a purchase, it's an investment in an unparalleled shopping experience for your customers. Make the choice to not just exist in the marketplace, but to thrive and resonate.