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Shopify theme with elegant and delicate design, unique sliders, about section, hero section animations, video banners, and more to streamline product sales.

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Introducing the Sydney, the epitome of e‑commerce sophistication. An extensive range of versatile sections, an ultimate dark mode, and a wealth of features to boost sales.

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  • Ideal Merchant New Merchants

Huge Collection of Exceptional Sections


Supercharged with Ultimate Features


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Captivating Storefront Presets

Designed for creatives. Made for the ultimate selling experience. Optimized for success.
Jewelry & Accessories

Showcase exquisite adornments collection with elegance in a refined boutique.

Health & Beauty

Elevate your wellness brand with an immersive design for a luxurious experience.


Fashion-forward theme amplifying chic styles for trendsetting apparel enthusiasts.

Food & Drinks

Entice taste buds with a delectable, visually-rich layout, perfect for culinary creations

Books, Music & Video

Immerse readers and media enthusiasts in a minimal, engaging library-like atmosphere.

All Inclusive, for Just a
One-Time Price

No costly monthly subscriptions. Unlock all of Syndey’s five premium presets with single purchase. Support and lifetime future updates covered for free too.
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unique sections

Stunning Design
That Simply Sells More

Discover powerful design features and elements that will help you scale your brand.

Multiple Hero Sections

Create a vibrant, engaging storefront with visually stunning hero sections. Instantly grab the attention of your visitors the moment they land at your store.

Interactive Featured Collections

Showcase your best-sellers categories on the home page – now with an interactive hover-image effect, adding a touch of delight to the browsing experience.

Before/After Slider

Entice your customers and significantly increase conversion rates by showcasing your brand's transformative results with a simple slide.

Smart Item Navigation

Introduce seamless product exploration with intuitive image navigation, where interactive tags effortlessly guide users to relevant product details.

Captivating About Section

Transform your brand narrative by featuring a dynamic slider that immerses visitors in an engaging storytelling experience right on your home page.

Video Banner

Seamlessly integrate compelling autoplay videos with customizable text and button styles to create stunning banner sections that engage and visually delight your audience.

Built-in Testimonials Slider

Drive repeat business and improve credibility by showcasing genuine customer testimonials in a sleek slider, instilling confidence in potential buyers.

Slideshow Section

Combine captivating slides featuring background images, customizable overlay text, and the option to enable autoplay with adjustable speed, to create an unforgettable and immersive experience.
ultimate features

Unmatched Features and Customization Options

Dive into unmatched features and extensive customization options to build a stunning website that echoes your brand's identity.


Predictive Search & Search Tabs

Turning browsing into buying within an instant. Guiding customers to their desired products effortlessly – typing in a keyword or a letter, and the search model does the browsing or the customer.

Collapsible Content Section

Enhance your website's content presentation with our sleek collapsible sections, providing an organized and user-friendly experience for FAQs, product details, tutorials, and beyond.

Smart Triggers That Convert

Say hello to the ultimate conversion boosters!
Keep your customers engaged with perfectly timed popups that offer the hottest deals, showcase new products, or simply ask for the email address.

Scroll Position Triggered

Present tailored offers and messages as visitors scroll and navigate your website, thus increasing conversions and enhancing user satisfaction.

Delay Triggered

Enhance your online store's user experience by setting custom delay timings for popups. Engage visitors at just the right moment, boosting conversions and customer satisfaction.

Exit Intent Triggered

Don't let your customers slip away! Display targeted messages as customers hover their mouse to exit. Take one last chance to engage with them and drive conversions.


Back-to-Top Button

No matter how far down your customers have gone on your store, take them back to the top of the page with just a click.


Video Section Options

Transform your store's video experience with customizable options like Autoplay, Mute, Controls, Loop, and Aspect Ratio.


Language Selector in Header

Cater to a global customer base enabling them to select their preferred language with a click right from the header.


Infinite Scroll

Delight customers with seamless browsing as pages/articles load automatically, providing endless content without interruptions.


Sticky Header

Ensure effortless navigation and consistent access to essential elements throughout the browsing journey.


Age Verifier

Take control of customer safety and legal compliance and create a secure shopping experience with a built-in age verification feature.

unique sections

Other Exclusive Features To Help You Sell Even More

More features, more tools, and more goodies. All built to help your brand achieve more.


Color Swatches

Enhance product selection with interactive color swatches, allowing your customers to visualize the product in different colors before making a purchase. Effortlessly bring product variations to life.

Product Types for a Variant Picker

Seamlessly switch between variant picker styles, empowering your store with choice and flexibility on product pages.

Smooth Product Slideshow

Put on the show. A powerful product slider so you can showcase your best-sellers, and drive more sales.

High-Resolution Image Zoom

Let your visitors experience the tiniest details of your product with the intuitive image zoom feature.

Exclusive Collection Description

A big exclusive section that lets you describe the vision & inspirations behind collections in the most persuasive way.


Quick View Pop-Up Window

An instant & interactive quick view window while staying on the archive page to ease your visitors.


Intuitive Product Hover

Interactive product hover effect that lets the product photo shrink & expand. Good for engagement, and selling more.


Interactive Slide-out Cart

A dedicated fast & seamless slide-out cart slider to convert every cart item into a successful sale.


Upselling Related Products

Smartly designed related product slider that showcases the most relevant products to keep the visitors hooked.


Optimized Mega Menu

Optimize navigation using a feature-rich mega menu, simplifying product discovery for better user experience.


Smart Notification Bar

A smart notification bar right on the top, strategically put to run your hot offers and sales, and get the most out of them.

Start Selling Today With Sydney

Whether you’re an experienced Shopify merchant, a hobbyist turning into a business or a passion-driven entrepreneur turning ideas into something meaningful – Sydney is designed for you.


Empowering Your Brand's Voice

Create customer-focused blog posts, showcase your customer stories, publish press releases, and share instantly on social media with quick-buttons. Premium tools and resources to support your marketing efforts.


Multiple Single Post Layouts

Publish engaging content for your audience, and display it using multiple post layouts. Now with proven engagement-booster blog templates; big header images, columns, and comment boxes.

Social Media Sharing Done Right

Quick-sharing social media buttons allow readers to instantly share your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. All helps you get more eye-balls, and ultimately, more sales.

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